Why is it called “good” Friday?

Christians seem a strange bunch sometimes. Their hero gets martyred, and they commemorate that day by calling it “good Friday”. What are they thinking?

I wouldn’t call it a good day if someone I loved is killed on that day. Sure, you might take some time to remember your loved one on the anniversary of that day, but you’d never call it a good day, not in their absence.

So why would they call it “good” Friday? Because Christians believe that when Jesus was killed he actually did so willingly, allowing himself to take our sins with him into death. So it is a ‘good’ day for us because Jesus took the punishment that we deserved, for all the times we’ve chosen to turn our back on God in rebellion. Since Jesus took our sins onto himself on the cross (2 Cor 5:21) he offers that we can have his righteousness instead if we choose to repent and accept his gift of grace. Ultimately ‘good Friday’ should be called ‘great’ Friday or ‘excellent’ Friday because not only is it the starting place for our forgiveness, but it leads to Resurrection Sunday which finishes the story with Jesus victorious over sin and death. Jesus comes back to life and offers that eternal life to each of us (John 3:16), if you would like to know more about the life that Jesus offers we would love you to contact us or come along to Trinity Baptist Church.

God Bless – Scott Berry.

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