Why does volunteering matter?

Over 5 million people in Australia are involved in formal volunteering that’s not even counting all the informal volunteering that goes on every time a school or sports club needs a hand with a one-off working bee or key event. Volunteering provides incalculable service to our community but it’s not just about the good deeds that are done, it also feels uplifting to help knowing that your acts of service is not done for money. By volunteering we remind ourselves (and others) that our time isn’t just invested earning or spending dollars but we can freely donate some of our time to help make the world a better place.

It is this ethos of sacrificing one’s time and effort that connects to Jesus teaching of His Kingdom. It was he who transformed the world just by telling a tale of a good Samaritan who helped out when others walked away. When he prompts us to “go and do likewise” we know it is because it’ll make the world a better place and including ours. Jesus teaching always brings life and hope for us and for others (John 10:10). Therefore, it should come as no surprise when mental health research backs up what Jesus is teaching about how volunteering is a blessing to the volunteer as much as the group that they serve with.

Volunteering is important for our Australian community to function so we have decided to have a special service celebrating volunteers. Regardless of whatever space you serve in, on Sunday May 21st we will recognise the contribution that volunteers from across the community bring. If you volunteer in any capacity (in a school, sports club, not-for-profit) we invite you to join us at 10am for the service and following thank you morning tea at Trinity Baptist Church, 8a Bedford Square, Colonel Light Gardens.