What modern music teaches us about God?

Can you remember moments when you had the feeling that listening to music is truly an otherworldly experience? Whether it was a surreal live gig or the trance like and spiritual moments of dancing or that connection to the heart and soul when listening to a song with lyrics that relate to the depths of life’s experience – listening to music can provide transcendent moments. I’ve been a gigantic music fan for decades and still have boxes with hundreds of CDs stored away because the memories they connect to are so important to me.

I believe that music can tap into something spiritual within us. Recently I did a sermon on “What modern music can teach us about God?” As I spent many hours delighting in doing research and conversing with people about this topic, I concluded that essentially every artist of significant worth has at some stage in their career sought to wrestle with THE big questions of life in their songs. Some of the classic questions that artist engage with include;

Is there life after death?

What is the purpose in life?

Why am I/others/the world so messed up?

Who is Jesus?

Is there really a God?

In this video you can hear my reflections on about 40 different artists from the last 60 years of music history and how they speak into these questions. I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I did preparing and then talking about it, you can find the link here on Facebook